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Six (season 2)
Six (season 2) 2 episode Watch series
Six is the most dangerous unit dealing with the most difficult tasks. The US leadership sends them to special missions across the globe. The elite squad consists of six fighters, for them there are no impossible tasks. The US government appealed to the six with the next appointment, they need to eliminate the leader of the Taliban. Arriving at the site, the soldiers understand that on the side of the enemy is someone of their own. The Taliban are aware that they are being watched by special..
Vice Principals (season 2)
Vice Principals (season 2) 9 episode Watch series
In the center of the plot are very extravagant and very confident men, each of which tries to match his position. They were once simple teachers, but unexpectedly they found themselves in the role of head teacher. Neil Gambi is very fond of discipline, so he is going to firmly hold the reins of government school. However, the second character, his colleague Lee Russell, does not believe that Neil's ideas are correct. However, a completely different situation develops in the school, when the..