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Humans (season 3)
Humans (season 3) 3 episode Watch series
The events of TV show take place in an alternative reality - where humans has reached great heights in the development of science and the creation of robots. As a result, a new invention of scientists - extremely clever and worked robots that can greatly simplify the lives of ordinary people - is becoming extremely popular. The story line unfolds around the life of an ordinary family, which buys one of these robots. However, the main characters could not even think about the consequences that..
Halt and Catch Fire (season 4)
Halt and Catch Fire (season 4) COMPLETE Watch series
In the center of TV series is the story from the eighties of last century. We are told about the rise of the gaming industry. Then dominated by IBM, then were popular arcade and 2D platformers. However, the industry did not stand still. People, full of fantasy and bold decisions, took up programming and created real masterpieces, which laid the beginning of a huge art called "the creation of computer games." Today, many games have become a sporting category, for which gamers get a lot of money...