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Tin Star (season 1) COMPLETE A
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    At the foot of the mountains is a small settlement, where now lives Jim Worth and his family. Weekdays in London left an imprint on the character of the main character. He is harsh and cold. Although it can not be otherwise, because working as a detective in the police is a serious and very dangerous business. In addition, Jim in the new location will continue his career, leading the local site. However, everything changed when a plant for cleaning oil was opened nearby. There immediately poured workers from different parts of the world, and they stopped living in the nearby city. Unexpectedly, the crime rate has risen. Jim will have to restore credibility and fight crime, which, it seems to him, has crossed all boundaries.
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I have watched all episodes of the Tin Star and they are amazing. Every scene gives you goosebumps and is unpredictable to another level. Thanks for this list of all episodes
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