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Splitting Up Together (season 1)
Splitting Up Together (season 1) 8 episode Watch series
In the center of the plot of TV series are Lena and Martin. The main characters have been together for a long time. It seems that each day is something like the previous one. In the relationship is clearly not enough light, feelings, emotions and passion. However, the main characters do not worry about this. They are sure that the future stability in the family is provided by two favorite daughters, as well as good incomes at work. Love is not so passionate and bright between the main..
Saturday Night Live (season 43)
Saturday Night Live (season 43) 23 episode Watch series
Evening musical humorous series "Saturday Night Live" is released on the American channel NBC. This is one of the most popular and long-running projects in the history of US television. In format it consists of humorous reprises and 1-2 musical numbers. The show is known for its satirical depiction of the political life of the country and has repeatedly been nominated for prizes. For more than 40 years the program has been broadcast, and its ratings have never fallen. All this deserves respect,..
The Simpsons (season 29)
The Simpsons (season 29) 21 episode Watch series
A small supernumerary town of Springfield is located on the edge of civilization, but this does not prevent life from bubbling and boiling in it. A lot of confusion in the overall picture is made by the family of Homer and Marge with their three children. Dad Homer loves to eat anything full of cholesterol, and spend time in front of the TV. Mamma Marge, a housewife, staunchly endures all the quirks of her husband. However, this is successfully taken care of by Bart's son, the hooligan and the..
Jane the Virgin (season 4)
Jane the Virgin (season 4) 17 episode Watch series
The main character of the series Jane grew up a strong girl with a steel character. Of course, because she was brought up by a clever and strict grandmother, who always taught the heroine abstinence and modesty, as well as self-confidence. Now that the girl has grown up, she still continues to adhere to the grandmother's rules. Before the wedding, the groom could not even touch his beloved, but ahead of Jane are waiting for big changes. The girl became a victim of accidental insemination! The..
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (season 3)
Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (season 3) 13 episode Watch series
Rebecca Bunch once considered herself a successful and very confident woman. It would seem that the main character can build an ideal career, but at the same time, she has huge problems in her personal life. In order to build relationships with young people. The main heroine decides that it's time to quit your job, get as much personal time as possible and, in addition, sell an apartment in Manhattan. What kind of madness is this woman doing? How is she motivated? Why does the heroine do this?..
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (season 2)
Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency (season 2) 10 episode Watch series
Who would have thought that the protagonist would be the first to open a room where a strange crime was committed before the horror. It would seem that the wild beast attacked with his teeth, tearing everything that he sees in front of him. On the other hand it looks like it's a production. In any case, the case starts to deal with a pair of detectives who suspect the main character. However, the problems do not end there. Soon it becomes clear that the house of the main character settled a..
White Famous (season 1)
White Famous (season 1) 10 episode Watch series
The focus of history is Floyd Muni. This man is a very talented comedian who believes that he has a great career, full of tours, fans and money. The main character receives an offer from one famous director to appear in the film with Jamie Foxx. Floyd does not yet know how thorny and difficult is the path to fame. He does not suspect how difficult it is to struggle with oneself in those moments when you do not know what to do. In addition, the character is offered a very unusual role. He must..
You’re the Worst (season 4)
You’re the Worst (season 4) 13 episode Watch series
Relationships are a strange thing. People often associate warm feelings even when people are completely different in character and outlook on life. However, at times there are also very similar personalities, each of which perfectly complements the other. But it also happens that there are two people who even have to compete with each other in their negativity, viciousness and scoundrel. The main characters of this series are far from ideal. They have a sea of problems and behave at times very..
Vice Principals (season 2)
Vice Principals (season 2) 9 episode Watch series
In the center of the plot are very extravagant and very confident men, each of which tries to match his position. They were once simple teachers, but unexpectedly they found themselves in the role of head teacher. Neil Gambi is very fond of discipline, so he is going to firmly hold the reins of government school. However, the second character, his colleague Lee Russell, does not believe that Neil's ideas are correct. However, a completely different situation develops in the school, when the..
Room 104 (season 1)
Room 104 (season 1) COMPLETE Watch series
And you wondered how much interesting can tell an ordinary room in a hotel? Non-standard rooms, rooms in luxury resorts, hotel rooms in airports. It does not matter what furniture is in the room. Chic interior or wallpaper in it whistles from the walls, because people, in fact, are everywhere the same. Watch online series "Room 104", a comedy anthology, where each episode is a separate story, with individual characters. Only one character is present in each scene - this is the room itself. You..